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As a family-run business, the Spartherm name has a firmly grounded reputation for producing the highest, premium quality fireplaces boasting a great variety of modern, innovative designs. An industry leader, Spartherm has nearly 900 employees in Germany and Poland. The company makes turnover of EUR 60 million and produces around 60,000 stoves and fireplace inserts each year for export to 50 countries. Unlike many of its competitors, this firm does not just produce “off the peg” but still makes things by hand, following a good old tradition – with outstanding results. Ultramodern production processes include innovative CAD technology, sophisticated 3D programs and CNC controlled production. Cutting, polishing, galvanizing and enamelling are carried out at the company’s own factory.

Since its establishment by Friedrich Wamsler in 1875, the Wamsler company has been a leading innovator in the field of kitchen and heating appliances. For over 130 years Wamsler has produced practical home appliances and environmentally friendly combustion technology. From solid fuel stoves as heating-cooking-combination modules, to fireplace and workshop stoves for comforting warmth in the living room, to central heating solutions for houses and flats using wood and pellets, they offer cost effective, diverse and superior heating and cooking solutions for your home.

The history of BRUNNER reaches back over 70 years.
For 3 generations the family-owned business, located in the lower Bavarian town of Eggenfelden, produces the best furnaces the industry has to offer. At BRUNNER the term "Made in Germany" is not reduced to a bare slogan. We are proud to be producing long-lasting and simply excellent products with highly experienced and well-educated professionals. But we don't stop there. Alongside our passion for impeccable craftsmanship, BRUNNER as a brand also stands for innovation and the courage to constantly re-develop and improve.
For a customer experience, that will bring joy and satisfaction for decades.

A creative company - In 1976, designer Jean Claude Bordelet started specialising in designing and manufacturing fireplaces, quickly becoming a leading designer by combining colours with a perfect mastery of metal working techniques.
Our philosophy has remained the same since then: conscientiousness, innovation, expertise and reliability. These are the watchwords that have enabled JC Bordelet to set the standard.

Those additional functions of Max Blank products and their lasting value create their high quality – HIGH QUALITY. Max Blank stove and fireplace prices cannot be compared just like this! 35-year experience and infinite advantages of products resulting from that are incomparable. One of the proofs for that is for example 150 registered industrial designs and multiple patents which were registered with the German and European Patent Institute.
In Max Blank High Quality the service department is the smallest one because it is rarely ever needed. Only Max Blank specialized installers or professional dealers will inform you about multiple advantages of Max Blank products as well as their added values and features.

Silca insulation boards are manufactured by Calsitherm Silikatbaustoffe GmbH in Paderborn-Sennelager, Germany. With 30+ years of experience in the production of calcium silicate boards (for multiple applications) Calsitherm is one of the leading producers of both light and heavy boards, as well as being the exclusive German manufacturer. The company is distinguished by its quality control, stringent safety measures and excellent customer service.

Aztec Washer Company is a family owned and operated corporation located in Poway, California and established in 1968 by founder and current CEO, Henry DeGraan. With over 40 years’ experience and knowledge, Aztec remains a leader in the construction industry. A close working relationship with distributors ensures that the right parts and quantities are always available to meet customer needs. Extensive tooling and production capabilities provide an advantage to meeting large volume demands as well as custom washer and roof flashing specialties.

Over the past 10 years CB-Tec has specialised in designing and manufacturing ventilation grills. With only 15 employees CB-Tec manufactures equipment of superior quality using the most modern machines. Innovative designs and use of modern technology have made CB-Tec the market leader in Germany. The new subsidory CB-Tec Stones also employes a further 15 employees.

Established in 1925, Renz is the European market leader in mailbox systems, boasting sales of over €50 million per annum. A family operation, with almost 90 years industry experience, the company's use of modern technology and their attention to detail have helped make Renz the go-to name for mail box systems internationally. Highly qualified employees and the latest machinery and equipment guarantee high production standards.

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